In a nutshell

The focus of my research group is on translating advances in synthetic chemistry and materials to the adjacent fields of catalysis, chemical biology and materials science by delivering alternative and/or significantly improved solutions and devices. This is to be achieved by answering a simple question of how we can improve complex processes, systems and architectures by altering them at the molecular level. The work this research group has embarked on, focuses on development of:

[1]     an in-cell screening platform for identifying bi(o)functional interactions using small molecule chemistry in combination with light microscopy within the context of a living cell;

[2]     extending the pool of organic linker design for crystalline and amorphous metal–organic frameworks/coordination network-based porous materials for their applications in energy storage and conversion, and heterogenous catalysis.

Througout the years, our research was and continues to be supported by several agencies and partners. We are open to both academic industrial collaborations.

The form of joint undertakings, projects, co-work and supervision can be further discussed by sending a direct email to the PI at