Dr. Kefeng Ping joined as a PhD student in August 2017. Kefeng obtained his BSc from Wuhan Institute of Technology and his MSc degrees in Toxicology and Chemistry from NUI Galway. At Galway, Kefeng worked on the design of spirocyclic oxetane-fused heteroaromatics as NADPH:quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) inhibitors under supervision of Professor Fawaz Aldabbagh. As a Estonian Smart Specialization PhD fellowship holder, Kefeng explored use of crystalline vs. amorphous MOF/MOCN-based materials for use in energy storage, conversion and catalysis. Dr. Ping passed his PhD viva/awarded PhD on May 25, 2021. He will join the China-Germany project in biointeractive materials.

Dr. Rohit Bhadoria joined as a PhD student in September 2016. Rohit obtained his BSc from the University of Delhi and his MSc degree from IIT Gandhinagar. At IITGN, Rohit worked on the design of Ras inhibitors under the supervision of Professor Sivapriya (Priya) Kirubakaran. Rohit was exploring heterobifunctional constructs for in-cell screening. Dr. Bhadoria passed his PhD viva/awarded PhD on August 18, 2020, after a short stint at biotech company TBD-Biodiscovery (Tartu, Estonia), he joined Dept of Biology, Univ of Massachussets at Amherst as a Research Fellow.


Mr. Christer Lohk joined as an undergraduate student in December 2017. Christer developed several expansion microscopy-enabled small-molecule-techniques to better understand how processes are guided at the single cell level. Christer is an awardee of several bursaries, incl. ERKF Antti Piippo FundRotalia Students Fund in USA and ESFUSA. Christer was awarded a Distinction Diploma in the Estonian National Research Competition, and he continues his studies as a Master’s student in Microfluidics (M2) at the Université PSL (Paris, France).


Ms. Johanna Marie Ley – MSc Erasmus student from TU Clausthal, Germany.

Mr. Sean Ray Kahnert – MSc Erasmus student from TU Clausthal, Germany.